City of Heroes

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Become a superhero or an evil villain.

Would you like to become a superhero? City of Heroes is a fascinating multiplayer online role-playing game, which gives you the opportunity to become a comic book hero.

Enter the wonderful world that City of Heroes offers, a world inhabited only by the best superheroes, and create your character from scratch. Choose their appearance, sex and complexion, the powers that you like, and get ready to live like a true superhero in the metropolis of Paragon City. It's now in your hands if you want to help the needy, or if instead, you decided to use your powers for evil.

In City of Heroes you can start by completing missions, which will gradually get more complicated, and you get new accessories and upgrades to your equipment and new powers. And if you prefer to play with others, you can form a group and performs missions together or explore private areas where you can try and capture big villains eager to make war.

With a game system that's very easy to learn and a great atmosphere, City of Heroes will transport you to a world where heroes and villains constantly struggle to prove who is the best. Are you going to miss out?


- Once the file has downloaded, you need an Internet connection to complete the download in full.

- To be able to play City of Heroes you first need to create a free account at:


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